The story of our school goes back almost 20 years, when a close friend had a baby girl, Brenda, who was born deaf. It was a devastating diagnosis – and so hard for them to comprehend that their precious new baby would never hear a murmured ‘I love you’, would never whisper secrets with friends would never sing and laugh. The excitement and hope of a new baby quickly faded as they pictured a bleak future for their daughter.

The options back then were limited. In fact, most children with hearing loss never learned to speak clearly, nor could they take part in the world around them.

As an audiologist and speech pathologist, I knew that it didn’t have to be this way. I was determined that not only Brenda, but every child with hearing loss and auditory processing difficulties, be afforded the opportunities they deserved.

With limited resources, but lots of determination, I started a school in my home with seven children that would offer them unlimited opportunities, and has since become the largest such school worldwide.

While we have grown rapidly, our personal approach has never changed. We pride ourselves in maintaining close-knit relationships with our students and their families, who become part of our Strivright family for life.

As for Brenda – she recently received her Master’s degree from an accredited college, and today she sings, dances, laughs, and enjoys close friendships, thanks to Strivright!