Our Mission is to enable our students to live unlimited, successful lives with all social opportunities, academic choices and career options open before them.

Strivright student

At Strivright, we encourage children to rely on their ability, not their disability.

Strivright was founded on the belief that all students have potential that, with proper facilitation, can be reached. To that end, the educational team at Strivright maintains high expectations for its students with the clear goal of preparing students for learning alongside typically hearing students in mainstream classrooms.

Our approach emphasizes the development of listening, speech-language, social, cognitive, sensory, motor and pre-academic skills. This process is accomplished by a true partnership and an unwavering commitment of every member of team Strivright.
Strivright student playing

Our Whole Child

Our Whole Child Approach recognizes that child development is more than just a combination of acquired skills. Rather, it is like a series of GEARS that when turned, simultaneously turn the gears around it too.
As improvements are made in one area of development, there is a natural increase in other interconnected areas. Conversely, a cog in the works does not stop ONE gear. When an area of development is delayed, it can impact the child in numerous ways.
Our approach provides each student with a strong foundation that will pave the way for successful academic achievement and positive social experiences.
Student smiling

Strivright’s Founding Principles

Adherence to the best practice model
Partnering consistently with parents
Frequent collaboration between:
Teachers, therapists, audiologists, service coordinators, medical professionals and families regarding students’ performance and skill acquisition