Strivright can provide auditory processing evaluations and treatment plans.

Strivright’s audiology center provides a full range of audiological services. Our audiologists collaborate regularly with physicians and cochlear implant centers as well as teachers and therapists to ensure the best possible services.
    How’s Your Child’s Hearing?

  • Does your child ask “Huh?” often?
  • Respond inappropriately to questions?
  • Not reply when you call him/her?
  • Have articulation problems or speech-language delays?
  • Have problems academically Have frequent ear infections?

    How’s Your Hearing?

  • Do you struggle to understand a conversation?
  • Do you often ask people to repeat themselves?
  • Do people complain you turn the TV up too loud?
  • Does it seem like people you talk to mumble?
  • Do you have difficulty understanding in noisy situations?
If you suspect you or your child may have hearing loss, take the first step and schedule a hearing test right away.
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